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Hi there! I’m Alex Jover, a passionate Web developer and instructor at from Spain. I’ve published the Testing Vuejs components with Jest book on Leanpub. I write on Alligator. I co-organize Alicante Frontend and participate at other meetups and conferences. You can find me on twitter as @alexjoverm, writing here or working on open source and side projects.

Interested on web performance and PWA (this blog is one), long term quality, reusability, patterns and best practices. Although, when it comes to coding, I’m mainly focused on Javascript and all its ecosystem. Interested on the human side of coding and well being among the community.

Open source

I run some open source projects, with hundreds of Github Stars and more than 100K monthly downloads:

I’m part of some Github organizations and contribute in other projects. Some of my PR landed on repos such as:

Public speaking


I’m in continuous-learning mode, specifically for modern stuff. Some fields where I’m interested in:

  • Web Performance and PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
  • Craftmanship stuff: FP, FRP, DI, IoC, TDD, BDD…
  • Continuous improvement, workflows and productivity
  • Typescript, Vue, React, Redux, RxJS, Webpack, Angular, Ionic… Modern frontend stack
  • Sass, PostCSS
  • Backend in Node.js, microservices, Docker
  • SQL, NoSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Neo4j
  • GraphQL, ApolloStack

Spare time

I love to meet with friends, family, getting lost in the nature, practice some sports, and spend time with my lovely cat.